Katie Spencer - behind the scenes photos

Earlier in August I was booked to film a live session by (the hardest working man in Hull) Stew Baxter, from Warren Records. The session was for Katie Spencer - one of many up and coming local musicians who have already achieved so much, but seem to be on the cusp of something really special.

At the shoot, as we all talked the project through, Katie explained she would like to expand the live shoot into a short film, encompassing live performances and interviews about Katie and her work. I suggested adding in some additional footage to give the film a narrative and what we're now working on is a short documentary on Katie, her songs and what has influenced them. 

It's been a pleasure to work with someone so talented yet completely free of ego or hubris (as an aside, this is something I find a really reassuring and recurring theme with the current generation of Hull musicians). Having completed initial filming, I'm just polishing up the first edit of the - as yet - untitled film. I'm looking forward to Warren Records and Katie releasing it later on in the year - but for now, here are a few stills I've taken of Katie during filming breaks.

All images shot with a Nikon D4s and Sigma Art 50mm 1.4 lens.